i suppose i will let you do so... but beware! you are in the precious hoard of a dragon, and you should act accordingly!

welcome! to the world of KILLDEATH!

This is a world where CHIMERAS walk the earth. They are inherently unknowable creatures - they appear to break any laws adhering to how a normal creature should be constructed. Even the smallest of them, at their mature form, are larger than an elephant. Their bones are as strong as titanum, and their skin, scales, or feathers cannot be pierced by anything except from a weapon maade out of CHIMERIC material (which are weapons made from organic matter from a CHIMERA). They appear to be functionally immortal, as well... Some people who have handled CHIMERIC weapons swear that they're still warm to the touch, and pulse and shake as if it were a beating heart.

CHIMERAS are formed when a xenal lifeform fuses with a human being. This process must be consensual. From what we have gathered, CHIMERAS seem to be the adult form of this xenal species, and perhaps even the human species as well. When formed, CHIMERAS have great powers - they still have human intelligence, and in fact have greater intelligence than the average human. We have gotten most of our information from CHIMERAS, as the xenal lifeforms responsible for this transformation are extremely hard to find. And it is hard to get any information from a human being about to transform into a CHIMERA, too - humans about to transform know that it is a highly alienating and illegal process, so great measures are taken to prevent any organizations from finding out of their nature of their plans.

The main character of this series is Elise Hajara. They work for CERCNA, which is a CHIMERA hunting agency. They're curt and focus only on their job.

Here's a collection of writings I did for the KILLDEATH universe in July, 2022. Check it out if you'd like...

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